Monday, 3 November 2008


Thanks to everyone who has been posting on my blog in recent days. I wish each and every one of you a very blessed Samhain. I've been laid somewhat low with a really horrible and heavy cold. Some may call it 'man flu' but I have been feeling really rather poorly. This bug has drained me of all my energy and has left me feeling, physically, very low. Pleased be assured that normal service will be resumed on this blog in the very near future - I just need to get myself back to physical health first!

With love and many blessings, Andy


Paul said...

Look after yourself and get well soon.

Bright blessings

Anonymous said...

Bless you, dear Andy! I hope you feel better soon - till then, rest and recuperate!!

With love, TGW xx

Anonymous said...

flippin bugs- debilatating and obnoxious. My daughter brought one back from France and there is one doing the rounds at work. Sending much love & light to you Andy. Rest & recoup. Brightest Blessings. SRW.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Brian Charles said...

Hope the bug goes soon. Remember to pamper yourself


Cloudia said...

Get well soon!
Aloha from Waikiki

Cloudia said...

Bless you, Andy.
Illness is a heroes journey. May you return to health soon.
Aloha from Waikiki-

hen said...

hope you are healing well, dear andy.

Much love to you on this full moon.


Andy said...

You're a really kind and lovely bunch, thank you for thinking of me - your support has meant a lot.