Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sacred Masculinity

There may be some adult content in this entry.

I spent a significant part of today in Glastonbury, with a visit to the Tor and then to Chalice Well. The town was alive with its May Day celebrations around the Market Cross, as well as at Chalice Well, and many and varied events are planned for this evening, but this year, for me, it’s been a solitary Beltane and a time for inner reflection.

I remember, some years ago, attending a Goddess Beltane ceremony in Glastonbury. At this ceremony the leader of this particular group announced, proudly “today, as we celebrate Beltane, we allow The Phallus into our midst.” One could be forgiven for thinking that any male who attended any other of these Goddess ceremonies during the rest of the year could only do so if ones phallus was detachable and could left in a box, outside, before entry into the temple would be allowed!

So my call to the Gods this year has been a simple question: what is sacred masculinity? What does it mean to be divinely male?

It’s a question that has been relevant to me for most of my life.

I’ve mentioned many times that I was raised in an evangelical/charismatic family and as a result God the Father was an ever present reality to my daily life. But this Father God wasn’t always presented as austere, he was also shown as forgiving, loving, compassionate, but he did expect you to follow his edicts and commands. There was little room for individual expression and as a result, little room for any personal expression of self. Self was to be denied, so one has this sense of being more of a clone than an individual.

In my formative years in the Christian Church it was clear that men led. Men were in charge, women were subordinate. The male leaders of the Church had the power to command people to marry, and to order people to leave their hometown and set up house anywhere else in the world that they felt ‘God’ had said was right for them. If the leader said it, then it had to be right, there was little room for personal choice or decision making.

So this ‘God the Father’ was both controlling, dominant and authoritative, with a bit of love and compassion thrown in. However, no matter what an evangelical Christian tells you, this love was and is entirely conditional.

With this kind of patriarchal experience in my own background I could partially understand the opening message of the Goddess Temple leader that particular Beltane. Why would they want to allow this patriarchal God into their midst, if to do so would be to encourage little other than subordination and control? These women wanted to be open to express themselves and their spirituality, and their sexuality, without any sense of patriarchal domination, interference or domination – and justifiably so.

However, for me, as I sat there, hearing this, I felt unwanted, unloved, unwelcomed, contaminated, despised and little more than an invader into a space that I had no right to occupy. It was an incredibly uncomfortable moment in my experience as a spiritual seeker and one that I am unlikely to forget. So those words have left an indelible mark upon my spiritual development as any of those spoken by any patriarchal Christian leader from my past. Both have been as equally as damaging.

Significant to all of this is my journey as a gay man. Yes, I am male! I have a phallus and it isn’t detachable! What’s more, I am happy being male, I like being male and I am really happy that I am a gay male! Far gone are the days where I despised myself for my own sexuality, the days where I longed and prayed for ‘God’ to make me either straight or asexual, as it was apparent to me, as a child and as a teenager, that the God of the Christians had no time for me as a gay man. I am a male who is sexually attracted to males and I have no issue or problem with that. However, just as society at large has a problem with that, so does the pagan world, in some quarters, and this has presented me with problems as I’ve tried to understand what Sacred Masculinity is and what it means to me.

The Goddess community had no real understanding of how to cope with me a gay man at all. I was also given little room with which to help them with that problem – they didn’t really want to know or understand, or when they did, it was all about camp humour and jest. Together with that was the strong emphasis upon sexuality, fertilisation and creation – where did I fit in with all this? What did this kind of masculinity have to say to me? What was interesting was that the men I observed would go out into the woods and gather wood for the fire whilst the women would sow and spin . . . it seemed little different to my own childhood Christian experience.

Interestingly, I can easily embrace Goddess. I have little problem with the concept of the Divine Mother, and I hear Her voice and feel Her deep within me. The Great Mother, She who gave birth to All and who takes All back to Herself resonates and radiates throughout me. I sense Her, know Her and feel Her and I have little problem connecting with Her. I also know She loves me.

It’s the God that gives me the problem. What is it to be Sacredly Male? More than that, what is it to be Sacredly Gay Male?

One of my guides is a very naughty, young, gay Roman Centurion. But he’s no use in asking this question ‘cause all he wants to do is get naked and mess about! He really is very, very naughty, but he can be great fun! However, he isn’t that good at depth . . . not in terms of meaningful discussion, anyway!

Sat on the Tor this morning I called to Gwyn Ap Nudd, the dark lord of the Underworld whom I find it so easy to connect with at Glastonbury Tor. I called also to Herne, and to Cernunnos, as I knew there was something here I needed to grasp. I know I need to reflect what it means to be sacredly male and I want this to be truly incorporated into my spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical psyche.

Green men were everywhere today in Glastonbury, as I am sure you would expect, and they all came in their various shapes and sizes, as again, I am sure you would expect! I had a real sense of the Green Man and spirit of the cloven hoof as I sat there on the Tor. I drank this essence of masculinity, taking it deep within myself.

I’m bored of being asked if I’m a ‘top or a bottom’ but it’s something I get asked a lot. The honest answer to that question is it entirely depends upon the mood . . . I’m both! Although, I have to say, if David Beckham were asking the question I’d be whatever he wanted me to be at any given moment! This point is relevant because there are times when I want to be ritually fucked by the God, so that his essence, his power, his strength, his qualities radiate throughout every cell in my body. That probably makes no sense to you at all, but it does to me! I want him in me! This Green Man, this God of the Greening, this God who brings life, who initiates Creation, this spiritual catalyst, I want him in me. I know that as a body who is home to an immortal soul which contains the very essence of Source that this same power of Creation lays within me. I want to make it so. I want it initiated, brought into life, made real. The power of masculinity and femininity meet within the one vessel and through the fire of love and sexuality new creation comes forth.

I sometimes sit at the Wellhead at Chalice Well and want the God to turn up and take me there and then! Part of me can’t believe that I’m actually saying this out loud, but this Beltane I need to tell the truth! Some people will say that I’m being sacrilegious, but no, I’m not. I’m saying that I understand the magic and sacredness of sexuality, but I understand this as a gay man. Go figure.

I’ve somewhere to go in really understanding what it means to be divinely male. Today I have felt the fusion of compassion and strength, I have wondered at the power created when love and nurture meet. I have seen the magic of vitality, of sexuality, and of sacrifice. I have felt the power of assertion, tempered with true respect and measured with love. I have felt the brokenness, and seen the joy. I have tasted the sweetness of running in the woods and I have sensed the wisdom that comes only with time and experience.

These are some of the qualities of the Divine Male. I journey on in this most scared and spiritual of experiences and I embrace, as a gay and proud gay man, true sacred masculinity.


raewytch said...

Beautifully written and obviously from the heart xx

Jerome M said...

I really appreciated this post Andy. You've asked many questions that I myself have asked and continue asking. Though I always aim to have more questions than answers, (so that I may remain humble and receptive), I know that (at least for me) being Divinely Masculine means many of the things you've mentioned: assertiveness, compassion, healthy enjoyment of sex, quiet strength...and there are so many more.

Sleepy Kitty said...

Thanks for your deeply moving thoughts and openness.

It seems that you are connecting to the God and Sacred Male more than a lot of men do. You want to take into yourself the complexity and spark of the God and to experience the creativity that comes from His wildness.

In some respects, Pagans can be just as restricting as the traditional roles we are expected to take in society. Men are wildly sexual and women are nuturing who create life within them. I think people in general struggle when they meet others who dont fit those roles. A person is a union of the Divine Female AND Male, by concentrating on one to the exclusion of the other I think we are depriving ourselves of a good relationship with ourselves and the God and Goddess.

Hope this make sense. ;)

Anonymous said...

You might find something of interest at Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality:
It's free :)

Silver Fox said...

I am truly moved by your post. I absolutely love your sharing of being with the Sacred Male Divine. How wonderful.
Being a woman who has had a journey with her sexuality from finding women and men attractive. I found myself in a lesbian community where to be a 'real lesbian' you could not have or want to have a connection or desire men.
Bi-sexual the term was a complete turn off for me.
And now...I am me. A person who is searching to BE. Present. And desire is born of the Divine Feminine who fell in love with her own image and was born the Peacock God. I refer to Feri/Reclaiming. Where I was able to find a home which could be fluid and inclusive enough to step outside the contraints of a rigid male/female system. Nature Wild is not that rigid duality.
I would hope dream wish for a dare for an embracing celebrating of what you share. That you and others wear the Peacock cloak.
Blessed BE!

Andy said...

Raewytch, thank you so much for your kind comments. I felt I was going out on a limb, somewhat, with this post, so your words mean a lot, thank you xx

Andy said...

Jerome, dear friend and dear brother, we walk a similar journey, and that's special. Thank you xx

Andy said...

Sleepy Kitty (wonderful name, by the way!) I do understand you and you did make sense! I think you're right, there is this inner, divine, union, and it is about relationship as opposed to polarity, and from this inner relationship, creativity flows, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Andy said...

Numenoldmen, thanks for the link, I'll take a look! Thanks for stopping by.

Andy said...

Silver Fox, thank you for visiting my blog and for making your own heartfelt, open and honest comments. To BE is the answer, I agree, in the glory of what we were created to be, before name and form. We are Goddess and God! That eternal soul that radiates from within, outward, in each of us, is Us from the stars above. Thank you for making me smile!

Nicole said...

Thank you for this honest post. I think it's appropriate for men to want to BE the God, to have the God inside ... I am a woman and I feel that too. Sometimes I want to be the God. The physical act of sex is only pleasure of the flesh, and I don't think it matters if you have a man or a woman in your bed with you. It also doesn't reflect true connection to the Divine. Anyone can have sex - what does it take to make it sacred? It is how you feel ... how much you can open yourself up ... how much you can let go ... how much you can embody Divine sexuality. Heck, you can do it on your own!

As always, I really enjoy your writing style. Thank you.

Silver Fox said...

Nicole brilliantly said God/dess is sex...if there was not attraction the universe would not be..."Love begins as allurement-as attraction. Think of the entire cosmos, all one hundred billion galaxies rushing through space; At this cosmic scale, the basic dynamism of the universe is the attraction each galaxy has for every other galaxy."
We are all made of the centre of this is the fire beating heart.
Andy ~ really pleased to co-created a smile!

Silver Fox said...

oops! forgot to add the quote is from The Universe is a Green Dragon ~ a cosmic creation story by Brian Swimme

Andy said...

Good to hear from you again, Nicole!

Yes, we come from the stars, and our roots are deep within Earth. We are stardust, we are golden, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.

And yes, sex, the wonder of union, the power of creation, lies at the heart. But this is beyond physicality, it's beyond ego and the realm of desire, it's beyond simple physical pleasure, it's greater than all these things, yet also a part of them. It's about Oneness. Interconnectedness, interdependence, belonging, each being part of the whole, all of us belonging to and being part of Source.

It a very real way, it's about returning home.

Silver Fox said...

Andy on my journey to the Arctic I experienced this connection. In the Stars, in the Wilderness. I felt the loss that I and I believe this loss is in the western domesticated people. And in that melting of my heart I experienced the falling in love which is as you so eloquently put can be found in and part of human desire but is much much more....

anandahaze said...

Hi Andy,
Led here by your facebook pic of infant you and pleased to stumble on it. Refreshing reading and just inspired to share that on a recent trip to the Pyrenees I was smitten by an exquisite lifesized image of archangel Michael of Cuxa within an ancient abbey....I once made a connection with Michael in a particularly powerful piece of dreamwork in which he actually led me to the mysteries of the feminine so I suppose I was predisposed and yet totally unprepared for his beauty when I came upon him high up on the bare wall - gold and radiant and really quite Roman featured, with thick blonde curls....and I felt quite unsure about my feelings of awe towards him as if this was somehow inappropriate.. I mean wanting to rut with Pan is one thing but an archangel? And are angels even admissible to pagans?? And yet his golden beauty, his body, his clothing, his sandals, his shield of light haunt me still.....

bp said...

"These are some of the qualities of the Divine Male. I journey on in this most scared and spiritual of experiences and I embrace."

I thinks is Beautifully written and obviously from the heart.

Andy said...

Bless you BP and thank you for your comments. I wish you love, peace and blessings on your journey.

Thank you too, anandahaze, and I love your story of Michael of Cuxa. . . I would love to know more about that.

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"Nice post, after read your blog i am very happy with your experience and written feelings & heart."