Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow Thoughts

Today I spent sometime walking around the village in the snow and I took my camera with me, just to make a little video of my home village looking both romantic and magickal, I hope you like it!

As I was walking I was reminded of the wise words The Green Witch posted recently when she spoke of the need for silence. It’s something I’ve been mindful of for some time, and I think I’ve written of it in the past. It’s crucial that I stop and listen to myself, to my own inner voice. Remember;

if that which you seek,
you find not within yourself,
you will never find it without

So I need to take time to stop, to look, and to listen to that voice within, that voice which is the voice of my own immortal soul, the voice of my own divinity, my voice that is of Source and is Source for;

We are stardust, we are golden

Know ye not that ye are gods

And therefore this is the truth within which I must walk.

The voice that I listen to is the voice of the One Divine Mind, that voice that resonates from the starry heavens to my very soul, for we are One. I just need to take time to listen and to step into the truth of that reality – a truth and reality that already exists.

Walking in the snow seems to bring with it such a profound silence. All is still, and this was so evident today. Occasionally I happened upon children playing, and this only served to show me that the distractions in life may often appear innocent and enjoyable, but if they cut off that connection, if they provide a blockage as opposed to an open channel, then they are of little use.

In recent days I have taken stock of how far I have travelled. I can look back and see my own footprints in the snow and I can see just how far back they go. I have travelled a long way indeed. At times such as these, however, I wonder just how much I have actually learned during the course of such a journey! Right now as I feel myself moving into a new phase I feel the need for a teacher as I have a sense of needing signposts for this next phase upon my journey.

Perhaps that’s just sense of apprehension as I move into a new phase. Most of my spiritual revelation and learning has come from my own time alone with the Divine, and perhaps this is how it is meant to be. We’ll see, whatever happens and whatever my course, I know I’m turning a new and fresh corner, and my footprints in the snow lie behind me, not ahead.


Stream Source said...

Fresh snow in winter is a divine embrace. When we are mindful of its silence, we are instantly transformed.

Mindful notice, with gratitude - perhaps the answer to all questions. ~ Blessings, ss

Fox said...

What a beautiful place you live! Thank you so much for sharing that part of you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. My favourite was the snow-covered teasel!
And the music was perfect to relax with at the end of a working day :-)

Andy said...

I'm so pleased you liked this little video!

Stream Source - I love the way you phrase things. Yes! Mindful notice, with gratitude, I agree . . . all part of experiencing the moment, fully.

Fox - I am fortunate to live in a lovely area of the South West, UK, and I am constantly grateful for that. I love it here, I'd live nowhere else, truly.

Seshat, wasn't the teasel wonderful? Also the magnificent Cedar tree, oh how I have hugged that tree!!

Ffraid said...

Thank you once again for your thoughtful post, it has given me much to ponder upon, for February and indeed the coming months.
It's a focal point.

You speak so eloquontly of blockage of truth, reality and more importantly of VOICE.

I too am moving into a new phase at home, family and the wider community.As a parent I recognise how precious my children are to me,my daughter and my son. It's my job to look after them.

It's a very real time for me.It's great to be back in the real world.


Anonymous said...

Please offer pagan prayers and thoughts for the family and friends of the legendary musician John Martyn.

Comments can be left in the condolence book at John Martyn.com

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

We left prayers on the John Martyn site. He was an eclectic soul and would have LOVED the multifaith approach. Pure beauty in motion, well in my mind.

The facts are between us.

Silence is the sweetest thing ever.

Enjoy the snow!