Monday, 8 September 2008

Angiogram Appointment

The Bike Ride was a great success with between 75 and 80 people taking part, so that's brilliant.

I am taking my father to hospital tomorrow for his angiogram, so your thoughts, pagan prayers, rituals and intentions will be very gratefully received. It's going to be a very early start, as I have to pick him up at 06.30 tomorrow, so an early night for me!

I've lots to share, but it will need to wait until later in the week!

Time for bed!


Anonymous said...

Andy- you & your father are in my thoughts- I imagined you walking with me thru the Labrynth on Saturday and placed a Ribbon on the Wicca Man for you and your father- which went upto the goddesss & god- once we finally got him burning. Brightest Blessings.

Brian Charles said...

hope all goes well tomorrow


Andy said...

Thanks Shamrockwitch and Brian. It seems that my father requires a double, and possibly a triple heart bypass. I guess that news has come as something of a shock, as I think most of us were expecting angina as a diagnosis. He's been referred to a new specialist, with the surgery possible taking place late this year or early new year. Dad seem okay, a little shaken, philosophical, but it is early days and this news has to sink in. I guess bypass surgery is rather routine these days, but it does seem rather 'big' - especially for someone of 76 years of age. Thanks for your thoughts, payers, rituals and kindness.

Shamrockwitch, the labyrinth of fire sounds simply amazing, that you thought of us is wonderful, thank you so very much. I wish I had been there!