Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I Am My Own Light

The pagan path that I walk appears to be a path of 'becoming' - but not of becoming something different or new, rather it is a path of becoming truly authentically me. I've said before that it feels as though each stage that I walk, each phase that I enter, seems to take me back to who I truly am, back to who I was always intended to be, back to the very core, the very fibre of my being. It's like I journey back to discover my true self, but the Self I was always meant to be, the Self before name and form.

All life is gestated in darkness, but as it seeks to grow so it reaches for the light, and the theme of 'light' has been with me this week. What struck me, as I was calling in Fire from the south the other morning, was that I am my own light. That threw me for a moment, as it felt pretentious and it was an impression that I wasn't expecting to encounter, but the clear, sharp thought was there - "I am my own light."

As I meditated upon this, things began to become clear for me. Calling in the elements has been taking on a new power for me recently, in that I don't just call the elements in, I have a very real sense of actually becoming air, fire, water and earth as I call. This week things have moved on again, as I called in Fire, so I filled with the light of this fire. I could see, sense and experience this piercing and enveloping light, but it wasn't coming from above or below or around me, it was radiating out from within. The light was emanating from my own true self, my own true will and as I remain true my course, true to my authentic self, then I am guided by my own light, because I am part of Source, in Source and of Source, part of the One Divine Life. This is a further and significant step into the mysteries, because I am truly beginning to fathom, to comprehend, to see and understand what it means to open myself to my true birthright as a child of the Lord and Lady.

This light that was filling me must be the light of Higher Self, the light of initiation, the light of real connection to Source. At the moment I had stepped into a new place, and I can't pretend to have walked out of my Temple Room radiating light to everyone who happened to cross my path, but in that moment and time there was a connection, an experience, that hitherto I had not experienced.

I know that my roots are deep in the Underworld, the very womb of the Mother, and here my gestation takes place, here I am conceived and from here I have my true origin, my true heritage. But the womb of the Dark Mother, this place of death, life and rebirth, propels me into the light as I am born. All life reaches towards the light, and just as I am conceived in the dark, so I reach for the light. My roots in that place of transformation, my branches reaching to the light of the very heavens. As I celebrate my true connection with the All, so I Am. So my own light radiates from within. As the connection is made, so I am born, I become my true, authentic self. Someone I need to learn how to remain in this place!

And I guess this is the next step, bring that spiritual truth into physical reality as I live on this material plane.


PriestessAura said...

You articulate your thoughts and feeling so beautifully my friend, it's as if you take us with you to the very center of your being, where your thoughts are born. I look forward to reading what you will write next.

Be blessed, and be well

Anonymous said...

Andy- you are a real gem- when ever I read of you next step on your journey- I can feel the emotions- the experience- the energy as if I was there with you- what a wonderful journey- so well expressed. I am excited for you and one day I will be where you are now and enjoying the discovery as much as you. Brightest Blessings.

Andy said...

It's funny, as I always think that the things I write on my blog are probably incomprehensible to anyone else, so knowing that you find something of worth here is lovely. Thank you so much for taking the time not only to stop by, but to let me know you've gained something from my rambles! I too enjoy your blogs.

Mary said...

Andy, I've just been catching up with your posts after a hectic week. Your words are truly an oasis of peace, reflection and, well...light!
As the wheel of the year turns again toward the dark, I think it's definitely worth meditating on the inner light within ourselves. You've inspired me to make that my goal during this season of Mabon.
Please know that your words are anything but incomprehensible!

Andy said...

Thank you Mary! You're so very kind! Yes, it is about light, I feel, yet this is the light of the One Divine Life, our Higher Self, and so it's power is incredible and the transformation it brings is immense. I agree that this is a brilliant time to be meditating upon this reality - and I am humbled that something I have said has been an inspiration for you.