Sunday, 3 August 2008

Checking In

Thank you to everyone who has been offering pagan prayers, thoughts, intentions and healing energy for my father and family. It really does mean a lot to me and I'm touched that so many of you have taken the time to respond - thank you.

Dad was discharged from hospital on Friday evening. He's well enough to be home, but not great. They seem to be clear that he has not had a heart attack, but he seems to have times when his heart and pulse rate just rocket. He's come out with this spray that people use for angina attacks (I forget what it's called) and he has to use that up to 3 times and if that doesn't stop the heart racing he has to call an ambulance. He had to use it yesterday, but seems to have had no need for it today. He also seems to have some memory lapses, but I don't know if they're connected or not.

I just hope that an appointment for the angiogram comes through sooner rather than later, then he, and all of us, can be clear on what's happening and on the way ahead. The stress of having to wait does seem to be having an affect on him, which of course it is bound to have.

I'm okay. I am worried, obviously, and at times all kinds of emotions seem to come to the surface. I would love to say that I'm in a deeply spiritual place over all this, but that would be untrue. I'm hanging in there, and I am aware of being held, but at the same time I am finding it difficult to apply my mind fully to any kind of spiritual practice beyond silent prayer at the moment.

I had a moment of working meditation whilst ironing my shirts for the week this evening! I was aware of being held and of my connection. This sense of my place in and with The All often comes over me when I step into meditation, and this evening was no exception. I was able to send love and healing from this place for a few moments. That was special.

Thanks again to everyone.


The Shepton Witch said...

Hey! No need to stress about anything - it's all there when the trying times are over. For now, concentrate on being there for your father and when you're not, make sure that you get enough rest and down time too, as I'm sure this will be very hard for you.

We'll keep your father, and you, in our thoughts and prayers. Brightest blessings. xx

Tess said...

Hey Andy, just catching up and sorry not to have known about this earlier. Will keep your father, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings.

Andy said...

Thanks to everyone for your lovely thoughts, prayers, rituals and intentions for my fathers healing. He is currently okay, just awaiting an angiogram that will hopefully lead to the root of the problem and allow him to move on in his healing. I really do appreciate the support all of you have provided so lovingly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy- sorry to be so late to read about Dad- am sending positive and healing thoughts and energy. You must also look after yourself too. Brightest Blessings

Andy said...

Thank you so much Shamrock Witch, I do appreciate your kind intentions. Dad was not so good again yesterday, but seems brighter today. It really is a case of one day at a time at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy- How's Dad and you too? I'm hoping to perform a healing ritual this evening- as my Summer Cold is lingering - actually knocked me off my feet. I will be thinking of you & your Dad- aswell as others & sending positive & healing intentions out. Much love & light. Brightest Blessings.

Andy said...

Shamrockwitch, thank you so much for your concern. Like you, I've been out of action for the best part of a week with a really horrible cold, hopefully it will start to shift soon.

My father is still awaiting his angiogram appointment. Hopefully he will have this soon and then he and all of us can move on. Mother isn't sleeping that well and that worries me as well.

Any healing thoughts and rituals will be gratefully received. You're very kind, thank you.