Thursday, 28 August 2008

Holding Things Lightly

My morning meditations have been taking through the issue of materialism this week, through the turning of two tarot cards that warn of this. Taking the message contained within these cards as a starting place for meditation, I have come to see a number of things.

I have felt the challenge of what I actually value, and where I place my personal values. What is it that is of actual worth to me, and why are these things of worth? Where do I place my confidence and trust? Is it in what I do? What I own? Or is it in my intrinsic self and my relationship with Spirit?

The material isn't wrong. I live in this world, in this incarnation, and I am here for a reason. This world, this life, is here to be celebrated and enjoyed. However, just as I walk lightly on the earth, in honour of the Earth Mother, do I also hold material things lightly, or is ownership and the act of possession more important to me?

The material has the potential to block my relationship with Me, and also with Them. It can be one of those guy-ropes that stop the balloon from journeying into free flight. Materialism becomes a problem from the value and worth that I place in things - do I appreciate things, places and even people for who and what they are and their unique and special contribution that they themselves bring, or for what I can personally get from them? Is the value about them, or is it about how I can personally benefit?

This has sent me on a journey of searching my heart, understanding what it is I seek, and why I want it. It's been a journey of moving away from personal ownership and control to an appreciation, a sense of valuing each thing and each person that is important in my life. It's a recognition of the value and worth in everything simply because they are - not for what they offer. It's not about how I benefit from each thing and person, rather it's about the spirit, the gifts, the unique contribution each person and thing brings. It's about celebrating them, not what I receive.

This releases the trap of rivalry, of comparison and jealously and manipulation. It brings value and worth to all, and celebrates the life force in everything. It exposes the danger of attachment and neediness that often results from buying into that which is simply illusion. It nourishes and edifies spirit whilst moving away from the celebration of ego.

Again, another process rather than an event, but following the things that I have been shown this week, I truly am looking at people, things and places in a new way and in a new light.


mahud said...

I'm currently a similar predicament. Do I rely on the material at the expense of my spiritual development (?), and also, though my actions and inactions, at the expense of others (?). I think that's a resounding "YES!" to both questions.

Desire can be creative and joyous, but ignoring the desires of others in my personal relationships, my desires can also become destructive. Such is the power of the world generating and world destroying arrows of the Greek creator divinity Eros.

One card that keeps appearing for me is the Five of Swords. Initially, the card makes me feel victorious, but the losing figures make me think twice about my so called victory. The card doesn't judge, so it is not meant to make me feel bad about myself, rather, it is meant for me to look within and examine my thoughts and actions and be aware of others.

I guess its a balancing act of the spiritual and material, ourselves and others. Not easy though.

Meditation is the way ahead for me, although I've still a lot of attitudes I need to change, and implement discipline too. All I can do is remain open to Spirit and my chosen deities, and recognize the gifts when they are being offered. They have recently given me a pretty good answer (during a Tarot reading) to a question about my spiritual life, it's just a matter of putting it into practice. Again, it's not easy though.

But the Spirit is patient.

Thanks for your post and bright blessing to you.

Andy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Mahud, and thanks for your comment.

I agree with you that this is all about balance - as all things seem to be on any kind of pagan path. As you say, desire isn't wrong, but it can be problematic and destructive if it ignores and tramples over the needs of others.

I feel as we get closer to Source we discover that all of this is tied up in our concept of self, as we tend to get wrapped up in how we think others see us, and the labels they give us. As we let go of these, we allow more room for Higher Self, and then we begin to understand and appreciate who we really are!

I'm so pleased you stopped by, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The material and its importance to me has come into sharp relief this week. I realise the only things I really need or my boy, my books, my stones and my pots and pans.

Amazing what chattels you can drop when the chips are down. Talk about feng shui for the soul!

xxx TGW

Mary said...

When I last had my cards read (June, just before my birthday), Pentacles were showing conflicts in my feelings about this exact, possessions, THINGS! She said that she feels that I'm blocking material success out of fear that it would conflict with my spirituality. My lunar chart confirms this, as I'm very lacking in Earth and very 'Airy' in my planetary positions. So we talked for a bit about the fact that materialism and spirituality can, and indeed should, exist in balance. So this summer I've been striving to bring my Earth and my Air back into balance. As a result, I'm seeing more prosperity in my life without feeling conflicted about it. :)
I definitely agree in the idea of holding things lightly. Things can turn our focus, dull our spirit and distract us from our precious inner voice. But I think it's also important to keep grounded.

Andy said...

Thanks for your comments and I agree absolutely in the concept of balance. Material things are not wrong, in many ways they are essential to life, but what matters, I think, is the value and energy that we ourselves invest in them. Do they rule us or are we in charge? Where do we place our priorities, what motivates us and from where do we derive our confidence, security and strength? Challenging questions, I agree, but necessary ones when one walks a path of transformation.

Mary, your post really resonated with me, but because I think I have too much Earth! Sometimes it feels as though I am too rooted and as a result, I am unable to fly! That bothers me, sometimes, as I so long to fly!