Friday, 11 July 2008

What A Week

What a week it's been! Following my lovely week of annual leave, this week I have been thrust back into a working week that was 'full on' in every sense of the word. Not only has there been the usual work that needs to be done, there's work resulting from significant organisational change, work resulting from local change and work resulting from the forthcoming Local Government strike. The planning that it takes to ensure live and limb cover continues to be provided to vulnerable adults is both stressful and time consuming. Work that nobody sees or appreciates, so it's been a tough and tiring week and one that has had me starting early and finishing later, resulting, pretty much, to a week away from the blog, unfortunately.

Together with all of this, work is starting in earnest in relation to organising the Bower Hinton Bike Ride. It never ceases to amaze me just how much work a one day annual event takes!

What has been wonderful, considering all of the above, is that although my spiritual practice has taken something of a backseat this week, I have not felt a sense of distance between myself and Spirit at all. Far from it, I've been aware of that real relationship, and following the revelations and events of last week, I've been in a place where I can move into (walking)meditation far more easily and meaningfully during the working day. I've noticed that my spiritual awareness of time and situation is also more acute, and meaningful, resulting in an intuition that is more keen than it has been, which has been a personal desire of mine for some time. I've been able to see beyond that which is immediately presenting itself to me - not all of the time, but more of the time than usual. This is a real joy to me.

I've been aware of a sense of my place in things, and of the 'bigger picture' above and beyond that of the day to day mundane things. That's not to demean those things, but somehow I had a sense of them for what they really are - stepping stones and not the destination itself, but each being a mini-destination and carrying a special and unique significance. Everything is part of the journey and therefore special and important, but not an end in itself. Somehow I feel less 'stuck' than I have been feeling recently because that sense of movement and flow is increasing.

So in a sense, it feels that this week, in spite of all the rush and frenetic activity, has been something of a time of consolidation. It's like I've been walking through a glade, following the heat and intensity of last week, ready for a new and fresh beginning in the week ahead. It feels gentle, but powerful at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Groo, the inevitable back log of work that greets you on the return to the office! I can relate!

It sounds like a useful and revelatory time for you, though, Andy. Working your spiritual life alongside your mundane and regular life due to pressures of time can be enormously rewarding. I find this.

Andy said...

Yeah - and then some, GW!

It has been a useful time, and it has to be about walking the walk, and not just talking the talk. If my spiritual experience doesn't inform my daily life, and the lives of those around me, then it amounts to nothing, really.