Tuesday, 29 July 2008


No two people experience the Divine in the same way, each individual's experience is just that - individual. The path I walk, whist others support me and work with me at times, no one can truly walk my path with me. We each of us walk alone in that sense. My relationship with Spirit, with Divine, is my relationship and my life and the way I live it is my own responsibility. Books will support my journey, the experiences of others will teach and guide, magickal theory way well underpin my direction and provide a foundation that I build upon, but beyond all this, beyond theory and dogma I stand naked before Goddess and God.

My true guidance and direction come from my own relationship with the One Divine Life. It is time for me to trust in this relationship and who I am before Goddess and God. The land beneath my feet, the wind that blows in my face, the rain on my body, the aroma that fills my senses, all these things carry the voice and inspiration of Goddess and God. The voice that calls from deep within my own soul, my own true voice, is the voice of the Divine. There is no room and no need for dogma, for scripts and rules, what simply matters is the celebration of true connection with the One Divine Life.

My path is a living path. I am not just a conduit of divine energy, I am a cauldron where all is energy, all is transformation and transmutation. From here, from this living internal reservoir of life, of abundant life, I draw my strength, inspiration and energy. This is the place of Divine Balance, where the energy from my incorporation and assimilation of opposites; of life and death, of dark and light, fuel and energise my daily experience and work to create growth and transformation.

I feel that I am moving from water to fire, from that place of preparation into a place of action, albeit a slow and steady movement forward.

Fire is an element I've struggled with in the past. I'm think I'm about to start a new lesson!

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