Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Belly Full Of Joy!

I'm taking this week as annual leave, and it's lovely! Just so good to be out of the rat race for a week and feeling able to do those things that I really want to do. As Glastonbury is one of my favourite places in all the world, that's where I've been. Taking breakfast there, walking up the Tor or around Chalice Well, visiting my favourite shops, just chilling, it's been great. It's wonderful to be out of my usual routine, I'm not even doing my 'morning meditations' as I'm able to meditate at the Wellhead or on the Tor, just wonderful.

I had a lovely walking meditation/pagan prayer time today. At the top of the Tor I faced each of the cardinal points and called to Fire, Water, Earth and Air in turn, just quietly and internally, no pomp, no showing off, just a need to connect and communicate. As I called the elements in, I had this overwhelming sense of joy that was so enveloping, it was wonderful. I knew that I was a part of all I could see, and that all I could see was a part of me, the oneness, the interconnectedness was just so tangible and real. It wasn't something on the page of a pagan book, or on someone's blog, and it wasn't something on my blog, it was real and I could feel it and I knew it. I had this real powerful sense of seeing beyond the image of nature into what it really was, the revelation and manifestation of the Divine, and more than that, I was of earth and of spirit. I such a strong sense of my roots in the watery and dark underworld, my trunk in this world and my branches high in the Celestial heavens. At the same time I was aware of how easily I connect with the Underworld and how I struggle more with the celestial realm. I noted that and put it away for later!

This sense of being, this sense of joy and wonder filled my belly and flowed out of me, and I walked down the Tor, in the pouring rain, singing:

"I am the Goddess
I am the Mother
All acts of love and pleasure
Are my rituals"

over and over and over, I must have sung it non-stop for about 20 minutes! I didn't care who walked by, or who I passed, I just smiled and carried on singing! Each verse I took up an octave, and when I reached the top, I started bring it down an octave, and I sang and sang and sang! It was wonderful! As I sang, so the energy rose and I lifted my arms to both receive this energy and to send it back out to people close to me who need healing right now. My family who have lost their Aunt, my friend John in hospital and my father who has to have a medical examination on Friday. I felt this flow, and it was amazing in its intensity. I danced down the hill!

The rain didn't deter me one iota, in fact it was lovely rain! I went on in to Chalice Well and stood for some between the Yew Trees. This is a powerful place for me as it keys into my sense of balance, of standing between. Again I lifted my arms and sent this energy for the highest good to all who are on my mind. Then I walked on the Wellhead.

At the Wellhead I called to the Lady of the Well, and She said She Is and I Am. She is all things, She is the mighty ocean, and also the single droplet of water, She is the rolling forests and the single blade of grass. She is the powerful wind that was blowing around the Tor and the gentle breeze that embraces me and the breath flowing from my mouth. She is the blazing light from the Sun and the gentle light falling through the meadow, She is All Things and Of All Things. And I Am. I Am in Goddess, and Goddess is in me, we are of each other, connected, in perfect synergy. I am held by Her, cradled in Her hands, and yet I am of the hands that hold me. All is One and One is All. This is the power of relationship, this is Divine relationship - all things are Divine and we are all Stars. We are of the multiverse, part of the mystery. The wonder, power, love and mystery of this is beyond words - one just has to dance and the joy and wonder of this truth!

I then sang my way back to the High Street, sat in the wonderful Galatea restaurant and looked out of the window, beaming for about an hour! People must have thought I was either mad, or coming on to them!!

Who cares?!?

What a lovely day! I'll probably do it all over again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love Galatea - they do lovely carrot cake in there! I'll go back, if I go to Glasto again! Should i say, when...

Lovely post, Andy - you sound very happy.

Andy said...

And when you do come to Glastonbury again, you must let me know, and I'll come and say hi!