Thursday, 20 March 2008


It's that time of equal balance, that moment where light and dark, night and day are of equal length.

One of the strongest feelings I have around being pagan is that sense of 'standing between.' A sense of being . . . called, almost, to stand in the space between light and dark, earth and sky, day and night - life and death, and bring those things, those qualities, those gifts into my life and the lives of others. Travelling, journeying, and calling into this plane those things from other planes. When I stand in this space, this place, I feel such energy it's incredible. I wonder why I don't stand here more often. Now, at this moment, at this special time, that call sounds ever louder, ever clearer. Sometimes the call is so strong it makes me feel as though I don't actually belong, that I'm somehow set apart - not in a special or privileged or arrogant way you understand, but just in the sense of being 'different,' of not actually belonging.

The excitement is brewing, I can feel it. Life is returning, I know it's time to move on, to step forward, the only question I have at the moment is "step into what?!?"

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