Friday, 21 March 2008

Setting My Intention

The first stirrings of Spring are resonating within me. I am really very aware of movement in my inner world. There's a real and genuine awakening, there's a hunger, a drive to move on in my spiritual practice, an inner desire to progress spiritually and to achieve, to experience, to know and be known.

A long time ago I read of experiencing the 'ecstatic embrace of the Divine' and this is something that I long to experience. There are moments when this happens, usually when I'm out walking the land and enjoying my connection with the Divine made manifest in Nature, but this is something that I want to take further, deeper and to a more profound level. There is something about knowing Goddess and God as First Parents that I want to explore, to know what it is to be a Child of Goddess and of God, to know that embrace and the sense of connection, of being part of the whole, that comes from that. I want to move from head knowledge to soul knowledge and for my experience to broaden and widen.

This is me setting my intention for the year. This is where I want to go and this is where I want to be - it's in my hands!

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