Sunday, 30 March 2008

Soul Reunion

This quote struck me quite profoundly today ". . . death itself is an ecstasy like love, but more intense, the reunion of the soul with its true self."

I'm sure pages have been written about such a statement, as the depth of this comment, the profundity of it, is not lost on me. In death we are reunited with Goddess and God, once again whole, as we were before we entered into this incarnation. We are returned to that place of love, that place of power as love that was once divided is here, once again, complete. This life is, in effect, a journey, a path, a longing even, to return to that place from whence we came and, as such, in this life, as much as in death and then rebirth, can we commence that journey of becoming who we really are, returning to who we were intended to be, before name and form. Our experience of life has caused us to adapt, to change, because this is how we survive the mundane, the day to day living, yet as we continue to do this day after day, year after year, we loose connection not only with Source, but also with who we truly are. Spiritual practice, our spiritual journey, brings us to a place where we are able to re-establish that connection with the Lord and Lady. She of the starry heavens, He of the Wildwood, our First Parents, Goddess and God who gave us life. Here, in whatever form our spiritual practice takes, as our connection is deepened with Divinity, so our connection is made with Self, our true Self. We begin to become who we were always intended to be, that journey of returning is commenced.

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