Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Spring Equinox

During the past few weeks I've been really aware of inner stirrings deep within me, a sense of inner turmoil, almost. Not an unpleasent thing, but a real genuine sense of all that is me and all that goes to make me who I am being in tension, one aspect playing off the other. There's a part of me that has been viewing those sides of me that I consider to be 'good' and those aspects I consider to be 'not so good' - a kind of compartmentalisation, putting bits of me into boxes and bringing the appropriate bits of me out at given times for given people. This only works to deny and suppress those parts of me that are equally valid, equally authentic and therefore as much me as any other side of my character. I don't have to apologise for any part of my nature.

I was sat at Chalice Well, in Somerset, today. I've made a brief video of this beautiful and sacred place, and you can view it here:

and here, in this sacred place, as if never before, I became aware of the need to incorporate all of who I am into my being, to bring down walls and allow that inner flow within me.

At Spring Equinox we are drawn to think about balance, but this is more than just balance, it's about being whole, complete, at one with self, with Spirit and allowing Goddess and God to bring this about within oneself. This is a lesson that I seem to be learning all the time, but today there was a real sense of the need to let go, to allow the Lord and Lady the freedom to work within me and to stop resisting their call to embrace the light and the dark of me, and to see both as one.

So new beginnings indeed!

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