Monday, 24 March 2008

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor has to be one of my favourite places. I accept that historically it probably wasn't a scared place as such, historians seem to disagree on how the Tor has been used over the years, but to me the fact that Pagans today are claiming it as sacred makes it sacred - the intentions of so many have made the Tor special. So many pilgrims visit and carry out ceremony and ritual, both private and personal as well as collectively, that the place just radiates with positive energy.

Whenever I visit the Tor, which, being local, is as often as I possibly can, I feel a real, powerful, deep and genuine connection. Here, more than anywhere, I am conscious of my spiritual roots travelling deep into the earth, deep into the underworld, the home of Gwynn ap Nudd. It's like the World Tree, roots deep in the earth, branches extending to the heavens, and this energy is so tangible at the Tor and I connect with it so readily. The feeling of being grounded, connected and energised is wonderful.

Glastonbury Tor will always be a spiritual home to me. It's one of many places I hold dear, but it's probably one of the most special of all.

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