Saturday, 29 March 2008


I like the thoughts on Growth and Change that Ceri has mentioned. We have to move forward, we have to grow and change, or else we regress. I think that by opening to Spirit, to the Lord and Lady, we invite change. The Goddess and God won't let us stand still, procrastination really isn't an option when one moves in Spirit. But this is change under will, and I think that the Gods throw these options for change in our path, and we have to pick them up and run with it. When we open ourselves to elemental working, we are tested with fire, and although it feels like we are being hammered out on Waylands smithy at times, this is simply the result of working with transformational energy. To my way of seeing things, this transformation is about becoming the person we were intended to be before name and form, shedding the layers of adaptation that life can bring, pearing us back to who we really are. It's powerful stuff, and it can hurt a bit!

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