Monday, 31 March 2008

Standing In Power

I seem to be gathering quotes at the moment! Here's another I love:

" . . . our consciousness is not dependant on the body, but can extend beyond the limits of the sensory world."

This is a statement I've been aware of for some time but it's been creeping back into my consciousness of late. We experience this world through the body, and this world is to be experienced, we should not hold back from that, we should take pleasure in and of it, without causing earth or another person, detriment.

However, there is more, much more, than the physical experience of this world. We can journey beyond this. We should not limit ourselves to simply a sensory perception, but see with moonlight eyes by shifting our perception and altering our consciousness. Things look so different in shadow, and they are!

There is something about being aware of who we really are. If the Divine is immanent, then the Lord and Lady are within and we can live in this awareness, in this power, and move in that same power. We can move with a strength, with a spiritual determination that makes things happen and which doesn't apologise for being. We have our roots deep in the Underworld, yet we are also connected to the furthest star - the enormity of this is something that I cannot fathom, yet something deep within me is just starting to grasp this truth.

We are also connected to our ancestors, with those who have gone before and we can bring into this reality the gifts and knowledge that they have passed to us. It's all there, within, I just need to tune into it!

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