Friday, 28 March 2008

The Physical and the Spiritual

I'm wondering about the correlation between physical and spiritual health. My Blood Pressure appears to be ever climbing and I'm now taking medication for it. I'm not happy about that at all. I'm vegetarian, don't use salt, use olive oil and am relatively fit, and I like to cycle, so I'm somewhat confused as to what's causing this. I'm also taking a break from alcohol. Work is stressful, but then so it is for many people. So I think I have to join a gym! Eek! Can't say that appeals too much at the moment, but I think I have little option. It would seem that some lifestyle changes are called for!

I think it has to be a genetic thing - so do I just accept that this is my path for this lifetime, or do I get serious about my physical as well as my spiritual health? I value my spiritual life, and I experience this world through this physical body, so as well as enjoying the pleasures of the body, should I not be valuing and respecting my body more than perhaps I do at the moment?

I guess it's all about balance, as most things seem to be. I need to enjoy experiencing this world through this body whilst respecting the life and the body that I have been given.

So, a physical as well as a spiritual challenge presents itself!


Ceri said...

Sounds like it's all happening for you at the moment,Andy.I've just found out about my high cholestoral level too!
I always feel that Ostara is about growth and change as well as balance.British summertime is here,the seasons are changing.To me,this is a good time to take stock and the equinoxes provide a welcome 'pause' in which to do so.
Also I read somewhere recently that one of the most stressful time is in our forties.We have achieved our career aims and had our families.I completely understand what your saying though,I seemed to have developed a thirst for knowledge.Perhaps it's a thing of our generation!
Working in the caring professions can be so stressful,as I well know.I think we all have a duty to care for ourselves too.

Andy said...

Welcome and thanks for your comments Ceri, I really do appreciate them. You're right, this is a time of growth and change and to take stock in that 'still quiet place' of Equinox, that place of shelter within the storm. From here we set our intention and then step back on our path . . . setting our course and our destiny.