Saturday, 28 June 2008

Garden Pictures

I've been out in my garden with my camera today, taking pictures as so many plants are looking just lovely. The gentle sun, the shadows, the various colours and shades of the leaves contrasting with each other are wonderful. I can't help but smile as I look and see, even in my little garden, the wonder of the divine manifest. On some level it seem so trite, so passe, to say that everything is connected, yet there are times when that sense of connection is just so powerful that I have to stop and pay attention. It's like being arrested by the wonder of it all, the magnificence.

I just love the contrast here of the Acer leaves against the bamboo, just incredible. The sun peeping through the bamboo is so lovely, and the sound of bamboo leaves brushing against each other in the breeze is beautiful.

This little beauty was a gift from the Goddess, nothing to do with me whatsoever! It just appeared and flowered like crazy!

An alpine Geranium in flower, and spreading over the garden! This works to remind me that no matter how hard I may try, the force of nature can never really be controlled! Wild, unpredictable and awesome - even in the back garden!

Hydrangea Petiolaris, looking delicate and beautiful.

And this is my lovely laurel tree, in flower and looking gorgeous, and the aroma is divine. So, it sets my hayfever off and I sneeze like a mad thing, what the hell, it's beautiful!

Now I need to get packing as I'm at Glastonbury festival tomorrow. One of the joys of living locally is that us lightweights can go for the day! It's great! We get bussed in and out, and have about 14 hours there, wonderful! I love the Healing Fields, The Green Fields as well as the music, Glastonbury Festival really is about much more than the music, it's a holistic treat, it really is. I can't wait!

I'll post again when I've recovered!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics, Andy! That little yellow beauty is called Sisyrinchium striatum. There are about 150 species but this is the one most commonly found in the UK -a real winner! They originate in the New World.

I especially love the acer / bamboo combination. A wonderful pic.

Hope you had fun at Glasto!

Bright blessings.

Andy said...

Thanks TGW - I knew I could reply on your horticultural knowledge - you never fail!

Anonymous said...

Welcome, my dear!

Stoneshaman said...

Yay! at least the hayfever season is passing :-)

Andy said...

Indeed it is, Stoneshaman!

personalized psychic readings said...

Great photos. I do remember way back when I was still into flowers. Its been quite a while since I have laid my hands on the dirt to do something for my garden. Now its just an empty space. Oh, wait, I wouldn't really call a space filled with junk stuff an empty one.LOL