Tuesday, 3 June 2008

New Moon

I had my first ever New Moon Ceremony in the Temple Room this evening, and it was lovely. It was wonderful to meet together with people who wanted to work with the New Moon energy. We set intentions, and released these to people and places for their highest good, and the energy felt healing, warm, gentle, nurturing and yet strong.

My intention echoed my post of yesterday, wanting to move further and deeper into the experience and connection of the One Divine Life. As we worked with our intentions, visualising them getting bigger, stronger and more powerful, we lit tea lights, as a symbol of that intention. I felt this was a good way of engaging Younger Self and working with the inner connection between YS, Talking Self and Higher Self. I will relight the tea lights for everyone each morning as I meditate, sending out the individual intentions for the rest of the group.

A dear friend who came to the group read this poem, and I thought it was lovely. Unfortunately I don't know the source, so I can't credit it or provide a link, but I type it out here for you:

Bow To The Moon

I will stand forever firm
Upon two feet, upon ground
In praise of Lady Moon,
Sister of Mother Earth

I will forever raise my arms
Toward the sky
In praise of Lady Moon
The silver One

I will chant forever in Her names
My voice full of joy
In praise of Lady Moon,
The radiant One

I will live forever in Her light
Soaking my core with truth
In praise of Lady Moon,
The awe of my eyes
The secrets of my soul.

I thought this was lovely. This evening was all about illumination, hope and inspiration for me. I set intentions this evening and I look to seeing them grow as the moon waxes and as I continue to work with the energy raised this evening.

It was so lovely to see people in the Temple Room - that in itself is an earlier intention fulfilled. This in itself is a new beginning and I look foward to the way that the Lord and Lady are going to take these monthly meetings.


Anonymous said...

Lovely to be able to invite a group into your temple, Andy. I wish you many happy, fruitful and spiritual gatherings there!

Dave Popely said...

I'm sorry I couldn't be there - I had a prior commitment to my (Druid) Grove. I certainly plan to be at the next one!


Andy said...

Hey Dave!

It's so good to see you here, and I look forward to you joining us at the New Moon Meditation next month. It was a great first meeting, and I know we will experience great things in the coming months.

GW - Yes, it was lovely to share and celebrate with others - and I'm excited about the future.

Ceri said...

All best wishes for your group for the future. What a wonderful way to express praise and reverence.