Sunday, 15 June 2008

Singing In The Pub! (Not The Rain!)

Thanks for the positive comments of 'good luck' and 'break a leg' for the act last night. As you will hopefully see from these pictures, we had a good time! I've been rehearsing these songs (in the car driving to and from work!) for about 2 months, but this was the first time I'd actually sung them with a mic! But it went well. There were other acts, but my partner had given up working the camera fairly early on in proceedings! Everyone who performed last night were really very good and John, who was singing some Irish Folk Music, was determined to perform, even though he's not very well at the moment. The pub was packed, which was great to see, and it really was a fun night - once I got past my stage nerves!

The point of the evening was about raising money for Orchid and to promote the Bower Hinton Bike Ride. I think we've just tipped the £1, 000 mark, and we aim to raise £5, 000 by the day of the bike ride, which is September 7. Orchid fund research and promote awareness of male cancer, which is seldom spoken of, as men are not the best at talking about these things - hence the need to events like this!

Thanks for your support everyone - it's really very much appreciated!

I think Andrew came out and enjoyed himself for the evening!


Anonymous said...

THAT is a truly AWESOME shirt!! :-)

Really glad to hear everything went well, and that you raised so much dosh! Congratulations! I'd never get up and sing - it's punishment for treason in some countries to hear me honking away!

Tess said...

Ditto on the shirt!

Well done you, what a great evening, and really good causes.

Andy said...

Hehehehe!! Yes, the shirt! I wore that just to add a little 'camp' to the proceedings! Hehe!

Ceri said...

Your words are always inspirational and motivational, Andy. Goddess bless you :-)

Andy said...

Nice to see you're still around, Ceri! Goddess Bless you also, x

Ceri said...

I would love to have heard your singing though,shame you didn't put an audio on your blog!
I'm always around.x