Saturday, 21 June 2008

Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance

I wish every one a very happy and blessed Summer Solstice! The weather isn't really what one would expect at midsummer, but there you go!

Balance has been on my mind a great deal in recent days. The place of perfect balance, as well as being a place of perfect peace, is also a place of perfect power. It's a place where I am close to Source, close to the One Divine Life and in this relationship of closeness I know my own Will, where I know myself, just as I am fully known. From this place the journey both begins and has its conclusion.

Perfect balance comes from the wonder of working with the Lord and Lady, the magickal balance of relationship. Lady Moon, Father Sun, Moon Goddess, Earth God. The wonder of journeying to other realms, together with experiencing the joy and pleasures here on this earth. Sensual and sexual pleasure, the joy of this body, not fearing passion, but knowing that all acts of love are the rituals of Goddess. Exploring the beauty of this earth, the wonder of this incarnation, and yet balancing this with the hunger and longing to return to Spirit, that place of true freedom. Learning to see beauty with my Third Eye and with moonlight eyes.

The Powers of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, the Mighty Ones, also work to bring perfect balance. The powers of the elements work within me as well as without, working the wonder of transformation and transmutation, bringing inner and outer change and supporting my journey, ever closer to Source. Air, freeing, focusing and cleansing my mind, Fire, bringing passion and freedom, the light of the Divine, Water, cleansing and bringing wisdom and intuition, Earth, grounding, nurturing and bringing my spiritual blessings into physical reality.

Walking this Earth, walking the land, is to take that journey into the inner temple, to travel to the heart of the Divine, my feet on the land, yet I am reaching to the heavens as my heart and soul sing to the Lord and Lady.

As I reach to the heavens I bring heaven here on earth, for my highest good, and for the highest good of all who cross my path.

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