Friday, 6 June 2008

Getting Wet All Over!

All my meditations of late seem to be echoing a similar theme, and this is one of deepening my connection. Today I was called to deepen my connection to Goddess, to the Divine Feminine, but this relationship needs to deepen alongside that of my relationship with the Divine Masculine, my Ancestors and my Guides. It's like I've travelled this far, and now it's time to step up to the next level. In some ways I'm unsure of how to proceed, yet at the same time I know it's about building upon a foundation that has been laid. The preparatory work has been done. Sure, it can be strengthened, but now is the time to build upon that which has been laid. The foundation is ready and waiting for the structure to be erected upon it.

It's a time of careful and watchful building. No shortcuts, no quick fixes, but a steady and methodical process of building a sure and stable structure upon a solid foundation. The building is about establishing those vital relationships, taking them beyond the formal to the intimate, taking them from polite to deep, turning them from acquaintance to deeply personal relationships.

The call has been clear for some time, and forgive me if reading this is boring, but it's like I've been treading water for some time and the God's are saying "come on, dive in, just get on with it!" and I'm still on the diving board, wondering how. I think some of it is about wondering how - just what is it that I need to do? Yet, at the same time, I know it's about coupling my knowledge with my experience, deepening that knowledge base and at the same time taking time to journey to other words, experience other realms and meet the Lord and Lady in vision quests and meditation and bring into my experience and the experience of others the joy and wonder, the gifts and blessings, from those journeys.

I think in a practical way this is about shifting the emphasis of my morning meditations, simply because of the time factor. I think I will reduce the amount of time I spend calling in to the for cardinal directions and base the majority of my time journeying and learning from that. Setting my intention as to who I am setting out to meet and then taking that journey. A kind of solitary visualisation. This will need to start on Monday and over the weekend I think I will start putting this intention into my consciousness and awareness - another form of setting my intention.

I think this is about building upon my tradition, not in a slavish way, but in a way that begins to value my calling as Hedge Witch. I need to explore in a real and meaningful way just what this means to me. Spiritual life cannot just be about dabbling. I don't want to be a 'fluffy bunny' I want to get more than just my feet wet, I want to be in there, swimming and going with the current and exploring new depths.

I just need to stop talking about it and get in on there!

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