Monday, 23 June 2008

Heaven and Earth

Turning the tarot again this morning I was presented with The Star and The Lord. Again, two cards that are opposite to each other. The Star speaking of the celestial realms, The Lord speaking of the mysteries and wonders of Earth. Here. once again, the message of balance continues.

As a magickal being I am of both and in both. I journey from this realm to the heavens, to the highest star, and I indeed am A Star. Equally I travel to the Underworld, the place of death, of preparation and rebirth, the place of transformation, the place of wonder. The realm of Gwynn ap Nudd, where souls are prepared for rebirth, the land of Cerridwen, who stirs the cauldron of transformation. This path is a threefold path, and like the World Tree, my branches travel deep into the Underworld, my branches stretch to the furthest star, yet I live this life in this world, bringing into my physical reality the blessings of the other worlds.

Sitting at Glastonbury Tor Saturday evening I was reminded that Gwynn ap Nudd is reputed to have his home there. When I sit there I often connection with that strong transformational energy, the energy of Avalon. The winds of Avalon herald change, that thing that we as humans often shy away from, that thing that challenges us to the core, often uncomfortable, yet growth is always the result. Change seems to be happening in almost every aspect of my life at the moment.

This world is full of wonder and beauty. It's not a world from which to escape, it's not evil and one is not contaminated by 'being of this world.' It's not a 'sinful' place. This world has so much to teach me, there are so many lessons that my spirit needs to learn, and this is why I have incarnated in this time and place. I am here, in this place and at this time for a reason, so it's not about a hunger to escape, but pure wonder of the magnificence of this place and joy at all I have to learn. Earth and the creatures of Earth, the Little People, have much to tell and show me and I learn from Divinity made manifest in nature. I'm here, but I tread lightly, learning what I need to learn and experience in this vehicle, for as long as I need.

The Gods clearly have lots to teach me in this regard - the lesson of balance, of being in this world and learning the lessons of this world, whilst at the same time knowing that spiritual reality extends far beyond the limitations of the physical realm, far beyond the limitations of the natural senses. My living is in the middle world, yet my experience is more than that, and I draw on all experiences and I bring those blessings into the physical reality of this world. At the same time there is a training for the natural senses to learn - concentration, for example, and focus. My wandering, chattering, noisy mind has much to learn in this respect! All too often I seem to be in a place of continual distraction!

The Star heralds hope - literally light in my darkness, and aspects of my life feel a little dark right now, as I mentioned last week. There is hope, the hand of Goddess, held in Her embrace, and nurtured by the Lord of Nature. This light isn't a weak thing, it's a strong, radiant, powerful light, bring warmth and protection and throwing light upon a confused path at times. And this hope, this true 'love and light' I draw down from above, into my experience, into my reality, and into the reality of those who cross my path. This is part of the calling of the Hedge Witch.

So the Star of the heavens, the Lord of this Earth - seemingly opposites, yet I am to assimilate their gifts and blessings into this one life, this one experience. It's one more aspect of the wonder of Perfect Balance.


Stoneshaman said...

Indeed you are a Star!

Andy said...

Aww! Thanks! Well, we are 'all Stars' in the Crowley sence of the word, I don't think I'm any other kind of star!