Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The White Hart

Standing between heaven and earth this morning was incredible, the energy was so tangible and powerful. I had such a sense of standing between, and a real sense of the presence of Badger as a power animal, he who knows the secrets of the inner workings of earth, I know I wasn't standing in that space alone. It was, as ever for me, a fleeting moment, but standing there was a real powerful experience, and the sense of the tension, the power between the two, and the fact that I was there, in a scared circle, between the two, was quite amazing.

Following this my attention turned again to the Lord card, and as well as badger, the Stag is represented. The Lord card has the energy of Herne the Hunter, who was also Herne the Hunted. When hunting the white hart, I have read that the white hart was a symbol of self, and the thing that the Magician hunts is indeed Self, true Self. So much brings me back to this place, time and time again, but I guess one overriding purpose of this journey is the continual discovery of Self. The layers peeling off the onion, the journeys to different realms, discoveries of deeper truths, seeing self reflected back at me, all reveal continual aspects of Self - it's the personal and spiritual development thing, both happening side by side. How can one encounter Divinity and not be transformed? How can one remain static when the call of the Lord and Lady is to move deeper into the Temple.

This knowledge of self is deeper than a psychological appreciation or self awareness, although that of course has it's place, no, it's about ones true origin and knowing why one is in this time and place - right now. Deeper than purpose, it's about a profound assurance of what Now is about, and ones own place in it. Fully and truly being Self in the Now through a deep and profound appreciation of what that means brings such results for self and others. It takes 'being' into an entirely new realm, as this state of being is beyond relaxation and calm, it's about movement into a new place altogether. Here is a place that I have glimpsed, just sampled, but it's one that I want to learn to simply step into and enjoy.


Arctic Phantom said...

You have a very intriguing blog; I've enjoyed reading snips and snaps. I have fallen off of the pagan path, but I'm still interested in the whole lifestyle. Thanks for the great read!

Andy said...

Great to 'see' you, Arctic Phantom, I'm pleased you've stopped by! Sorry to hear you've fallen off the pagan path - but I'm pleased that something I've had to say has been interesting for you. I hope you pass by again sometime.