Thursday, 19 June 2008

Within, Without, Above, Below

I was interested, following many of the recent posts made on many of my favourite blogs in recent days, that my third tarot card I turned this week was the 10 of discs. The 10 of discs speaks of strong family ties, of going back to ones roots, of building on a strong tradition. I've turned this card, like some others I have mentioned recently, a few times in recent weeks. There's clearly a message I need When I look at this card in context to the others that I have turned this week, it's very clear to me that the call is for me to find that place of rest, that place of security and strength in the arms of the Goddess, and from here, this special, magickal place, to move forward in a strong and proactive way. For me, the cards this week have been something of a confirmation and a reassurance, at a time where things have been happening personally that have had the potential to derail me slightly (bereavement and other significant family worries and concerns) the cards and the words of Goddess and God are clear - "keep moving forward, but not from a place of purpose, effort or neurosis, but from a place of rest, a place of belonging, a place of 'being' which is a place of power and strength."

There is something within me, following some comments I've made on recent blogs, that feels the need to set out something of my personal philosophy, yet with circumstances as they are right now, time isn't on my side. This is something that Crowley calls for us to do, and in a way, this blog is all about that, but perhaps I need to set it out in a clearer way. Perhaps I don't know enough of my own philosophy to even attempt it yet!

My tradition is that of Hedge Witch. I work alone, and the main emphasis of my path is spiritual and personal development. It's a path of personal transformation, of personal challenge and growth. It's a path of relationship, a relationship with the Lord and Lady, as revealed in and through Nature who in turn reveal to me the One Divine Life. It's a magickal path, a wondrous path, yet one that challenges me on every level of my being. It's not all 'love and light' - it's far more one of being hammered out on the fires of Weyland's Smithy, one of continual and magickal change, one that brings me ever closer to Source.

Together with this is a call that it getting louder and louder, and that is for me to work with Ancestors and Guides. I know the names of two of my Guides, and I want to deepen the connection I have with them. Likewise, I have seen glimpses, and that's all it has been, glimpses, of my Ancestors, and I know that I need to travel and journey to meet them in a deeper and longer way. Each 'flash' I get sees them in a town centre, delivering justice to the people of that town. They hear the voices and concerns of the people and work to metre out justice. I feel this is where my call to be 'balance' comes from. I need to connect with the ancient wisdom and knowledge that comes from my Ancestors. This isn't a pious thing, it's not that I see myself in any way in a place of authority, as I don't actually embrace authority. What this is about is me embracing esoteric wisdom, via my Guides and Ancestors, and in turn this will work to inform my future journey.

My path is all about relationship. Relationship with self through close connection within my Inner World. It's about not only knowing my own organic inner workings, but those between my Younger, Talking and Higher Self, working towards a place of initiation where Higher Self can manifest. It is also one of relationship with my Guides and Ancestors, and also one of relationship with the Lord and Lady and thus the One Divine Life. In this sense my path is experiential, yet, at the same time, I work to broaden and extend my own knowledge so that my path is informed and based upon a reliable and sound basis and not 'touchy feely' nonsense. I have no time for 'fluff' but I do hunger after reality.

My path is not Christian and has no basis in Christianity. It is not pseudo-Christian. My path is Pagan and I am proud of that fact. I embrace my dark side and I see my dark side as important as that of my light and I do not see the two as opposing forces, one isn't good and one isn't bad, I see them as two aspects of me that are in relationship and synergy and are therefore 'me'. I am not me without both moving and being in close relationship.

My path is also one of relationship with the Underworld, the Middle Word and the Heavens. I journey and travel between the worlds. The Underworld is the place of death, transition and rebirth. Here I feel the most powerful resonance. Here I am given my birth, following transformation within the cauldron. I journey here often. In the middle world I draw upon my roots from the Underworld and my branches that stretch to the furthest star and I bring into this world those things I am given from the other realms. I bring these things into physical reality, through this vehicle that is my body, for my own highest good and the highest good of those who cross my path. In the heavens I see and know my place on the Web of Life and within the World Tree. I reach to the highest star and I know that I too, like us all, as Crowley said, am 'a Star', I learn of and begin to comprehend my own divinity, my own true self, my own true will. I work with the Moon and Sun energy, the elements, natural spirits, Goddess and God, and all Nature for the highest good of myself and of others.

I believe in my own uniqueness and my own individuality and with this comes my own personal responsibility. My path is a journey of discovery, of returning to who I was called to be before name and form, before my experience of this world caused the adaptations necessary for temporal survival. Whilst this may sound like a journey in reverse, it's a journey towards my own true self.

So my path is a journey, a journey within, without, above and below.

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