Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Chattering Mind!

For some reason I struggled to get past my chattering mind in meditation this morning. Things didn't flow quite as easily as they usually do. This probably wasn't helped by the fact that I had stubbed my toe just prior to going to the Temple Room and then when I was settling down to meditation, one of the cats decided that was the moment they needed to holler for about five minutes!

Once I settled, I had a real sense of a foundation having been laid - now I have to build upon it! It's like, here is where the work starts! It's like a piece of work has been accomplished, but now the real work begins.

The foundation is knowing myself, and some real progress has been made there, as who I am is the foundation of my spiritual and personal development. Key to this is listening to myself, really tuning into that inner voice, and knowing my own voice above the clutter, confusion and muddle of my own mind. So much clamours for my attention, often with a head full of work and other stuff, when I just don't want that clutter there! I called to Air this morning for all this crazy clutter to be blown away!

I'm entering a time where I need to dedicate and apply myself to some serious reading and study. I need to deepen my understanding and not just rely on what I know, but further that knowledge, and this needs to be combined with experience and practice. I'm part of the celebration and dance of life, but the joy and celebration comes hand in hand with the personal application and dedication.

Broadening my knowledge and understanding firms up and strengthens the solid foundation and allows for the building of the structure. I want the building to be built correctly, not on fluff and drivel, but with sound stuff! There's so much stuff out there and one needs to show real discernment when buying books.

All this has flowed from turning the High Priest card - and it's clear that my reading needs to expand beyond that of my own path to explore than which has informed it. I've starting reading Dion Fortunes 'The Training and Work Of An Initiate' so I'll see where that takes me!


Anonymous said...

I am at the stage where I need to move onwards and really focus on the next step. I just seem to have so much going on in other area's of my life- that I find so little time to commit to this next stage.There are so many books out there as you say Andy- and so little time to read them- it is always good to get some recomendations before making any timewasting mistakes- let us know how you find this one!

Anonymous said...

I've just bought this book also - it's what I'm going to tackle after 'Wiccan Magickal Beginnings' is seen off!(so much to read!!!)

Internal chatter and static is my ultimate bugbear. I can't seem to find the space to meditate, as, being a mum, my ears are constantly on elastic for Rowan yawping too. So internal and external chatter!

It's a tough one.

Ceri said...

I echo that too.Sometimes it's not only the internal chattering mind but the external distractions and noises that can make it difficult to centre oneself before spiritual practice.And then there's finding the time to do so as well.
I would like to know your thoughts on this book, I've always been a big fan of Dion Fortunes work. A woman before her time in my opinon.

Andy said...

I'll be sure to tell you all about the book, once I get started! These past two days have been pretty crazy, work wise - starting early and finishing late. Not good, but it happens sometimes. I also have time for Dion Fortune, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck into this book - this bank holiday weekend should be a good time start!

So I seems I'm not alone with the internal and external chatter problem - we'll have to explore methods of conquering this!