Saturday, 24 May 2008

Gift From The Goddess

Isn't it amazing what can suddenly appear in ones garden? I didn't plant this Iris, it's a gift from the Goddess (via a feathered friend, no doubt!) It's beautiful, such a deep purple, and so many flower heads.

Laura Mae, one of my cats, has also been making herself at home in the garden whilst I've been busy cleaning inside! She finds a bed in many and varied places, and she always looks so comfortable!

And now I'm off to a 50th Birthdy party!


Fox said...

Yay! Another iris owner!! I love how dainty yours look. Thanks for sharing!

Teacats said...

What a gorgeous garden! I hope you'll show-and-tell us more about it! LOVE little Laura Mae! There are four small cat souls that share Rosemary Cottage with DH amd me ..... all indoor cats! Worked in the garden today -- nearly 100 degrees here! Love your pretty new unexpected iris -- what a lovely unexpected gift!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Andy said...

Yes, the Iris looks very delicate. I love the range of colours and it's such an unexpected addition to the Garden. I need to The Green Witch to tell me about the spiritual significance of Iris plants!

Laura Mae is adorable, and she's one of 3 cats that live with us. They come and go as they please, through their own front door (cat flap), and sharing life with them is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I have these beauties too. Iris Siberica 'Perrys Blue' I think.

The iris is a flower for faith - it says, 'Don't give up hope'!

Singularly appropriate for us all.

Anonymous said...

ps sorry aobut the link - it wasn't supposed to go pear-shaped like that! Andy, can you delete it for me?!

Cheers :-(

Andy said...

I don't seem able to edit your post, only delete it, and I don't want to loose your comments on the Iris! I'll zap it if you want, but I'd rather keep it!