Friday, 9 May 2008

Get Real

It's fascinating, but the 4 tarot cards I have turned this week all carry a similar message, just from different perspectives. They all talk about drawing apart for a while, of stillness, of taking time out to reflect before moving on. They talk of the need for solitude, even a time of personal retreat, to take stock, evaluate, reflect and learn before moving on.

I'm realising that this 'drawing apart' period is exciting and necessary as it's a time of preparation. It's a period of time in which I need to allow work to be undertaken that involves a time of 'unlearning.' This is about a letting go of not just old habits, thought patterns and behaviours, but a letting go of things that I have been taught in the past that no longer carry any worth or substance. Together with this is a time of testing as to what is real and what is not and in this allowing the gifts that I have been given time to nurture, develop and grow. This is all part of learning not only to rely on my natural senses, but to allow my consciousness to move to a higher as well as a deeper level and to trust my intuition and other gifts. This is a time of learning, of development, of growth and this demands some serious study and comittment. It's a time of getting to know my inner landscape on a more intimate and far deeper level. It's a time of embracing and accepting self before moving onto the next stage of my journey. It's also a time of personal honesty - it really is the time to get real!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, I have recently become dedicated/ initiated to the Goddess & her God and am most definately on a wonderful path/journey of discovery- both of self and of Wicca. It is very necessary to get real as you put it- time to study- practise in order to progress. Wishing you well. Brightest Blessings.

Andy said...

Thank you Shamrockwitch. I agree, it is a wonderful path. I think that 'getting real' is vital, as we need to walk away from the self delusions and false motivations into a spiritual reality. My path is a path of self discovery as well as that of discovering Deity and deepening my relationship with the God's. It's an amazing journey!