Monday, 19 May 2008

Going With The Flow

The element of water presented itself again this morning, this time in the form of the Page of Cups. The Page of Cups can often speak of love, and in my case this morning he spoke of self love. Self love - acceptance of self, an embracing of self, a sense of ones one intrinsic worth. Self love flowing from a place of self forgiveness, of no longer playing the 'rejection' game but of welcoming, embracing and celebrating who one is - and ones right to be.

The Page of Cups also talks of deep magick, magick that flows from the inner relationship, the inner connection, magick that brings one closer to the Divine, to the Creatrix, to Her and her Consort. Magick that reveals the connection of all things, the interconnectedness and co-dependency of all things. Magick, not of 'getting' but of 'being', Magick that reveals mystery's and secret knowledge. Magick that reveals ones True Self, beyond the labels, beyond the adaptations, the environmental, social, emotional and psychological pressures.

The Page talks of the movement of water, often quick, swift, rushing, darting. Spiritual dexterity. The Otter that appears on this card, often associated with wisdom, reinforces the wisdom of water, that deep, true wisdom, wisdom of self, of time and of place. Knowledge from stillness that requires action. As the gift is given so the action follows - 'being', as vital as it is, requires a 'doing' as an end result. A moving on, a moving in, a moving with. A sense of knowing my own emotions, but also of knowing what are not my emotions, and where to place them, and the cleansing that comes from that.

The Page, in talking about deep magick, also talks of spiritual reality. Not the dogma, not the new Pagan Book Of Prayer, not spells from a recipe book, but spiritual reality written on the heart and soul, burned there by spiritual fire, leaving an indelible mark. A living spiritual reality that exists beyond the dictates of others, that rises above any liturgy, lexicon, rules or regulations into powerful experience.

She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches, changes. This movement is part of the continual cycle, and I need to move with it.


The Shepton Witch said...

Ah, the otter, what a wonderful creature; he reminds us that there must be playfulness and joy in our lives as well as the insights and knowledge that he brings. We could all do with emulating the otter a little more.

Ceri said...

This is just an aside here, but I wonder if you know of any good books regarding tarot, or perhaps you read it intuitively. I have recently acquired the druidcraft pack because feels the right pack for me but am not sure where to start.

Anonymous said...

I like the way you have used 'co-dependancy' as a positive term; everything is essentially interconnected, it's a living system.

We're so used to seeing that word used in a negative way, that I was refreshed by your definition. Thank you, Andy!

Tess said...

I'm not too familiar with Tarot, but I love this image of the otter, and what you say about interconnectedness and the watery representation of spiritual dexterity.
A question: I've seen you and several others use the spelling magick, with the k. What's the significance of this, or is it just an option?

Andy said...

Thanks for all your comments, I really do appreciate the fact that you stop by and share with me.

Yes, the Otter, SW! I agree, as well as wisdom the Otter brings that sense of playfulness. I guess it's hard to see that I am a playful soul via this journal, as this is where I share my serious stuff, but I agree that Otter brings balance between wisdom and fun. Don't worry, I don't miss out in that respect!

Ceri, most packs come with their own book that brings guidance on the cards contained within the pack. I use Sacred Circle tarot cards and I read them intuitively, but I also refer to the book at times. I use them as a morning meditation, choosing 3 on a Monday and I work with them through the week. I find it an amazing way of remaining focused and allowing Spirit to speak directly into my life.

Thanks TGW. I do like taking the negativity out of words, and co-dependency is one of those words that needs to be reclaimed! We are all One, Part Of The All, and when really begins to appreciate this, it's more than mind blowing!

Tess - the 'k' in magick is used for a number of reasons, and you will get varying answers to your question. The most popular response is that the 'k' separates the magic of stage magicians from the magick of those who practice occult magic. I'm giving a simple answer here as the very subject can open an entirely new (and huge!) discussion!

Ceri said...

Thanks for that, it looks like a very interesting way to work with the tarot.I may just give it a whirl!
Two of my family members have read my blog and wondered if it was written by me!The feedback was 'deep' and that I don't write how I speak it's much too coherent and serious!And looking at it I think I can see their point, but this is a good place to record,share and reflect. There are very few places to do this type of thing.

Tess said...

Thanks for your response, Andy. Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Tess, I believe the K also has a significance in numerology, as it is the 11th letter of the alphabet. Why this is relevant is totally beyond my abilities to explain!! :-)