Friday, 23 May 2008

She Reminds Me

These past two days have been somewhat chaotic, work wise. I'm not a workaholic, I don't work over my hours as a rule, but there are times when I have to get to meetings that start early, or situations where I'm just not able to get away on time, no matter how much I prioritise or time manage. I don't like it when that happens and I am starting to increasingly resent it when impacts and adversely affects elements of my life that I consider more important. It's just not physically possible for me to spend time in meditation when I have to leave the house too early. I'm also feeling quite tired, so I think an early night is called for!

I've been singing the chorus of a Julie Felix song most of today:

"She reminds me of who I am
She reminds me of who I am

She reminds me I'm a daughter (I sang 'child') of the earth
She reminds me of the sea that gave me birth
She reminds me I am the Mother's child
She reminds me of my passion deep and wild

She reminds me of who I am
She reminds me of who I am"

Such simple words, yet powerful in their simplicity. Simple is often powerful, why we have this need to over complicate I shall never know. These words often help me keep a sense of perspective when the mundane world bursts into my life with a little more force than I would otherwise want!

I am a child of the Earth, I came from the Earth and I will return to the Earth. My roots are deep in the Underworld, the place of death, preparation and rebirth, my trunk in this world with branches leading to the heavens, touching the furthest star, connected above and below. This song helps remind me of that.

And I am the Mother's Child. My first Goddess is Sulis (I talk about her on my web site) Goddess of the hot, healing springs of Bath. Mother of Fire, Mother of Water, Great Protector, First Mother, Healer and restorer, Goddess of blessing, Goddess of curse. Again, the simple words of this song can take me into a walking meditation in the midst of an otherwise busy and stressful day. And today has been stressful. Sulis, Goddess of Fire - of passion, of purity, of spiritual power, of transformation, of light in darkness, of strength, of creativity. Sulis, Goddess of Water, of healing, of connection with true Self, of deep emotion, of internal change and transition, of subtle shifts and movement, of depth, of understanding, true knowledge of self, knowing what's mine and that which does not belong to me.

Ah, it's good to be home, in every sense of the word!


Ceri said...

Sulis sounds absolutely wonderful, Andy. I must try working with Her some time. Will check Her out on your web.

Ceri said...

Just read your page about Sulis. She sounds absolutely awesome,so diverse and multifaceted. Every element honoured within Her.I will certainly explore Her further.

Andy said...

Be sure to let me know how you experience Sulis, Ceri.

Anonymous said...

Simple is always best - I cannot agree with you more, Andy.

First principles; always returning to the beginning,always breaking things down to their lowestcommon denominators.

This is where we see the truth, not in abstract complications.

Ceri said...

I bow to no one in the craft,Andy

Andy said...

Pleased to hear it Ceri!