Sunday, 6 April 2008

Burrow Hill

For all the indoor meditation and ceremony one can engage in, for me there is nothing quite like walking the land. Just being out there, connecting with Nature, being able to touch, sense, feel and experience it is second to none.

Today the wind was blowing like crazy, snow was in the air, it was really freezing, but it was wonderful. The sun was breaking through dark skies and with the speed of the wind, those dark skies were suddenly clear blue, and then dark again, quite incredible. I just love it, I love being outside.

I know that I'm well blessed to live in such a lovely part of the world. South Somerset, in the South West of the UK, is just so very beautiful and it's so easy to take this special place for granted. We also have a large number of sacred sites.

Today I took a walk around a place that has always been special to me. Like Glastonbury Tor, Burrow Hill, in Kingsbury Episcopi, just outside Martock, Somerset, can be seen from miles around. It is a large hill, with a single tree on the top of the hill, and the tree looks out at the amazing surrounding countryside. I made a brief video of it today:

As you can hear, the wind was in full force!

There is something magical about standing on high ground. Calling to the Lord and Lady here this morning was a beautiful experience and even though my extremities were freezing to the point of frostbite, I am really glad I made the effort to visit!


Ceri said...

This place is truly magical.Thanks so much for sharing it. What a wonderful place to meditate.I like the fact that you can see so much into the landscape there and such a clear day too.
That tree is such a profound statement of place. It marks the Land almost like it's calling to be honoured.

Andy said...

Glad you liked Burrow Hill Ceri. It truly is a great place and I'm thinking about welcoming Solstice Sunrise there this year!

Ceri said...

Sounds like a fantastic idea! You will be able to get a good view of the sunrise there, providing it's clear.I think it lands on a weekend this year so most of the sacred sites will be busy.I went to stonehenge a couple of times at the weekend for the solstice and there were thousands there! We couldn't see the sun for people let alone the shadow cast by the heel stone!

Andy said...

I've been to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice and it's lovely. Actually being able to walk among the stones and touch them was just incredible, it truly was a wonderful experience. I like the idea of Burrow Hill this year, something more intimate and personal is perhaps what I need this year!

Ceri said...

Well I was at stonehenge for the Druid ceremony last year at the summer solstice at sunrise about a week before the actual solstice date, so there was much less people around. A great opportunity to wander around the stones. I will put some photos up on my blog. Feel free to comment there, some feedback would be good!

Andy said...

Hi Ceri

I tried to comment on one of your posts the other day, but it was set to Team Members Only - I'll try again!