Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Ecstatic Embrace of the Divine

I was reading an article yesterday that was talking about the need to be clear as to what ones philosophy is. I found this interesting, because it is important to be able to articulate ones standpoint, the basis from which one operates. Spiritually this is vital, as it provides an anchor, a firm foundation from which one lives, moves and has ones being.

My personal philosophy is simply that I have a desire, a need, almost, to know and experience what I once read as being the 'ecstatic embrace of the Divine.' This has been something of a life journey and it has taken me on many and varied pathways - most of them dead ends! I have a hunger to know and be known, that is, to truly know myself and to know the Divine. I also know that this will not come from any kind of organised, man made religion, and neither will it come from any kind of neurotic searching or striving. It comes, rather, from exploring the connection that already exists.

This journey is giving me a deep sense of myself and an ability to stand in my own power, to truly know my will and to assert this in a spiritual as well as a natural sense. I don't have to apologise for who or what I am, in fact I don't have to apologise about anything at all.

I also have an ever growing sense of my own gifts and calling. I've had confirmation today, via my tarot meditations, that I have gifts and abilities that require nurturing and through this nurture I will bring into this world the manifestation of those gifts.

Things are really moving!

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