Wednesday, 2 April 2008


This morning was really interesting as I had confirmation that Owl is my Power Animal. Owl is a bird of the Dark, of the Night, who shows me my shadow side. This is a shadow side that provides balance, that sense of justice and of truth. Owl in myth and legend is associated with endings and death, but also new beginnings. Owl brings that deep insight, that wisdom and knowledge.

Owl also shows me what is true, what is of me and what is not, what is illusion and what is really an element or aspect of what and who I am. Many things present themselves, and appear to be of me, or things present as turns on a path that I feel I should take, but then in reality they appear to be only distraction. Things that appear right, appear attractive, or call to me as truth, when tested, prove false and mere illusion. They only lead to a dead end. If they are not of me, not of my Will, then they will lead to lack of fruitfulness. I am learning the lesson of spiritual testing.

This is so timely, as it fits in so perfectly with all that has been speaking to me recently. This is a time of real, powerful, and thorough spiritual examination, an inner cleansing, a letting go, emptying out, seeing what is of me and what is not. This comes not from effort, not from seeking, not from a neurotic, paranoid, desperate reaching out. It is not about human effort in that sense, but rather a calm, reflective time in Divine presence, allowing the Lord and Lady to really show me who I am before name and form and leading me to that place of true purpose and awareness. It’s about Divine Communion and the answers that flow from that spiritual encounter.

It’s also about being honest with myself!

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