Monday, 14 April 2008

The God

This morning I set my intention to meet the God. I cast my circle elementally and invoked the Lord and Lady and then journeyed to meet the God. I felt drawn to do this using a slow single drum beat that got gently faster and louder. As the drum beat faster so I became increasingly aware of the energy of the God.

He is the very spark of life itself and the celebration of life. His energy is wild and free, of carefree abandonment and of living in the Now. He is untamed and untamable, uninhibited, unrestricted. He cannot be fenced in, contained or adapted. The God laughs at our attempts to bring order and containment as he is unpredictable, strong and determined. He cannot be controlled or contained. He is the Divine spark of Life that sets life in motion.

The God brings connection with my primal self - my sexual self.

He is the Lord of Nature, lover of the Goddess, protector of witches and friend of animals. As Lord of Nature he is the fertile land, the bringer and giver of life, of change, of growth, of development - but all outside the control of man.

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Ceri said...

Thank you, Andy for reminding me to honour the God within and of the gift of 'wildness' that is within us all.