Saturday, 19 April 2008

Growing in Strength

Walking ones path takes one down many twists and turns, and I spoke of blind alleys just the other day. It's easy to walk with ones eyes wide shut, and I am keen to not only have my eyes wide open, but to also know and trust my third eye - to test that which presents itself to me for spiritual authenticity. I've had my fingers burned a few times in this respect, not just spiritually, but from people claiming to be of spirit, when this clearly was not the truth at all. Spiritual discernment, intuition, all these things work together to make a person a spiritually strong and sound person and this is where I want to be. Growing in spiritual stature makes a person strong, and strong minded to boot, and I am aware of this inner strength, this powerful sense of self, growing within me the more I journey with the Gods. This inner strength comes from a growing sense of destiny, a growing awareness of Goddess and God and an ever developing sense of who I am and who I was called to be. A sense of my own true Will. It's an ever evolving relationship with Spirit, and with Self, who is Spirit!

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