Thursday, 24 April 2008


I'm sensing a restlessness within me. It's like I've been at a certain spiritual level for some time and I've reached a plateaux. I can either stay at this comfortable place, or move on. To move on is a challenge, but it will bring so much of worth and value, to stay where I am is to stagnate. I know that I need to grow as opposed to simply tread water.

I want to move into a deeper and richer experience of the Lord and Lady. I can see that some of this is about daring to take up my rightful place in terms of stepping into and having confidence in my new birthright. To actually start moving in my Priesthood in a real and powerful way. Balanced with this is my mindfulness of not operating out of ego, but in spirit. It's not about self promotion on any level, but it is about stepping into the reality of who I am.

I sense that I am on the threshold of something new and deeper. My intuition will deepen, my psychic abilities grow and this gifts will come to the fore as I use them to serve and they will flourish from a place of dedication and spiritual work.

I sense that Beltane is going to be significant for me this year.

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Ceri said...

It sounds like Beltane is going to be a profound experience for you this year, Andy.
At Beltane a couple of years ago, I remember seeing a priest become his true self in a temple ceremony.Sometimes we catch a glimpse of who we really are and who we are becoming.I hope that Beltane is a wonderful and fruitful time for you:)