Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Getting Deeper

My sense of my connection with the elements is continuing this week and this is bringing with it a strong sense of connection with all things. I have a strong sense of all things being on the web of life, each having their role to play and I am on this web but also part of the web. Separate in the sense that I am here for my own unique purpose, yet part of it and connected with it because my actions (and indeed lack of them) affect everyone on the web. It's like a ripple effect, reverberating down the line, both for positive and for negative.

It's weird, as in some ways I feel as though I'm being called back to basics, revisiting old ground, yet at the same time it's deeper and more real than before. It's like dust and chaff are being blown away and I'm seeing the reality of things for the first time - or perhaps with fresh vision.

Changes are taking place in the sense that I'm shifting into a deeper appreciation and experience of my spirituality and having a real sense of moving away from reliance on my physical sense and moving into a deeper reliance on my intuition, watching and listening, but not just with my eyes and ears. And this isn't about fluffy nonsense, it's about true connection and experience. It's like I'm picking up tools and gifts that I was given so long ago, but suddenly they're seeming all new again!

I think in here too is the fact that I'm relearning. Here are lessons that I was presented with some time ago, but perhaps then I didn't give the full attention that was required, so here I am being presented with them once again, but this time the lesson is hitting home at a far deeper and more profound level. The journey is deeper this time.

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