Saturday, 12 April 2008

Julie Felix

I'm just back from seeing Julie Felix in concert at the David Hall, South Petherton. This was the first time I've seen Julie perform live, and she was amazing. What's even more incredible is that she is 70 years old in a few months!

I loved lots of things about her set, especially with how she sang of the spiritual side of her life alongside her lifelong campaign for peace. A campaign that has taken her on marches across the world, singing her songs of protest and love. What this showed me this evening was the spiritual path that we walk must have an outcome that that flows from the discovery of ourselves and our relationship with the Gods, it must also propel us into action - whatever that action may be. The action that is right for us, the action that is informed by our path. I am not talking of pious, self righteous 'good works', but I am talking of the hand of the Goddess reaching out to others, through us, in a very real way, in whatever way that may be. I don't think that this is something that we should be compelled to do, either. I kind of think that for each of us, as we grow spiritually, we will want to serve the Earth that sustains us, the people, plants and animals that we share this planet with and our our First Parents in some way. There is something about the servant heart that grows and flows from the Initiate.

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