Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The Elements

I am a Child of the Earth. I am connected to the Underworld, the place of transformation. Here I experience death, rebirth and new life. As a Child of the Earth I can know the deep mysteries of earth. Earth is a place of nurture, of belonging. It is home. Earth sustains and feeds, it brings growth and strength. Earth provides all I need for life, for growth and for development. Earth anchors and provides rich fertile land for the development of my own spiritual and natural potential. Earth can be wild and free.

I am a Child of Air. I can connect to the mysteries of my ancestors and hear their voices whispered on the East wind. I can know beyond that of natural limitations and Air will bring illumination and inspiration. Air will provide insight and deep wisdom as Owl, my Power Animal, who glides on air, leads and guides. Air brings change, and sometimes sudden change, the most unpredictable of the elements, causing me to learn to go with the flow and not remain cemented in rigid routine.

I am a Child of Fire. The fires of renewal, the fires of transformation. Fire burns away the ties that bind. Fire melts the hardest of metal, allowing it to hammered out on Weyland's Smithy, changed, renewed, transformed. Fire provides light when it's almost impossible to know where to place my feet. Fire provides heat, sustaining and preserving life. Fire is the most spiritual of the elements and I can burn with spiritual passion and strength.

I am a Child of Water. I can connect with my emotions, knowing the emotions that are mine, and those that do not belong to me. I can know deep intuition, feeling and experiencing things beyond my natural cognitive powers. Water brings revelation of my true Self, the person I was intended to be, before name and form. Water brings calm and stillness, yet at the same time incredible strength and power.

These things are my birthright as a Child of the Goddess and God and I can move into the experience of these things in reality.

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