Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Still Quiet Place

I seem to spend so much time 'doing' that I forget to 'be'. It's so easy to get caught up the demands placed upon me, and to spend my time responding to them that who and what I am gets lost in the midst of all this. The working day demands so much, and then there are different things that require attention at home, that before I know it I'm a 'human doing' and not a 'human being'. I find it so easy to think that frenetic activity brings results - and this is simply a trap that has the result of yielding nothing.

This morning I was so aware of entering that still, quiet place. It's not about battle, not even battle for time, it's not about trying to appease opposing forces and it's not about physical energy, or even earnest desire, it's about entering the Temple - the Inner Temple.

I was conscious of the element of water this morning, that deep, profound, still, mighty ocean. It can appear calm, still, almost as though nothing is happening, and yet it contains so much life and it has such strength, incredible depth and such power. This morning I relaxed into this, consciously letting go of effort, of trying and letting all those clamouring voices and anxieties go. Inside, deep inside there is my Inner Voice, my True Self, and there is something about entering that quiet place where my Inner Voice can be heard. It's about making connection with Me and in this knowing myself and my true will. Any kind of magickal work has to start here - with really knowing and understanding who I am - more than that, who I was intended to be, before name and before form.

In some ways it sounds corny, but I did see my true self, my inner self, as a very small candle flame, as something that needs nurture to grow in stature, strength and power. My attention was then shifted to the element of Fire and my little candle flame grew into a pillar of fire, of pure spiritual energy.

What wasn't lost on me was Sulis, my Goddess, who is Goddess of water and also of fire. As I embrace Her, this great Mother Goddess more fully, so I will more fully know my own true self.

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